Box Spring VS Slats – Which One Should You Choose?

Don’t go for the best box spring just because it’s trending now. There are different types of bases you can use under the mattress. To know which kind of base you should choose, you need to know the basic difference and the benefits you are going to achieve.

Both box springs and slats are popular these days. However, both have some advantages and drawbacks depending on what kind of mattress you use. Therefore, in this article, I am going to draw the basic differences, including the significant details, so that you can easily choose which one is best suited for you.


What Are Slats, and Which Kind of Mattress Is Used for?

The slats are conventional frames that are used to support the mattress. It’s one of the traditional foundations which are still in use and considered reliable for most mattresses. The slats are basically wooden frame that helps to keep the mattress durable.

Though the slats are lightweight and made of thin slices of wood, they are still durable and can withstand the weight of the mattress and the sleepers. To build the slat, a few pieces of wooden or metal boards are laid across the frame. It’s placed on top of the bed frame and under the mattress.

The distribution of the boards is either in ladder style or connected with each other. Usually, the slats are wrapped with fabric to keep them firm and protect them from slipping. The purpose of using the slats is to prevent the mattress from sagging and distribute the weight evenly. Moreover, the slats ensure proper airflow throughout the bed so that the sleepers can sleep comfortably at night.

What Are the Advantages of Slats?

Using the slats under the mattress is nothing new. Besides providing support to the mattress, there are some additional advantages the slats offer.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can withstand heavyweight
  • Removes heat retention and ensures airflow
  • A budget-friendly option for mattress support
  • Suitable to use with most types of mattresses

What Are the Drawbacks of Slats?

  • It doesn’t add height
  • Prone to break with added weight
  • The mattress might shift if not set properly
  • Recommended to use for memory foam mattresses

What Is a Box Spring and Which Mattress Is It Suitable for?

Box springs are platforms specially designed for mattresses. It’s a wooden frame with spring coils inside. The coils help to withstand pressure, shock, and weight and ensure the durability of the mattress. Since the mattress is constructed with coils, it’s wrapped around with a sheet or cushion.

Usually, the frame is made of wood, but you can find other materials as well. The box springs are thick and raise the mattress to a comfortable level to plop down. Moreover, it gives the user the option to choose different sizes and shapes according to their convenience.

What Are the Advantages of Box Springs?

Though box springs have a few drawbacks, there are some remarkable benefits you can enjoy with them. Let’s check them out!

  • Elevates the height of the bed
  • Suitable for foam base mattresses
  • Provides support evenly to the mattress
  • It makes the bed bouncy and comfortable

What Are the Drawbacks of Box Spring?

  • It’s heavyweight
  • Difficult to move

Box Spring VS Slats

Here is the thing!

The slats are a good base to withstand the mattress weight evenly. This is how it ensures the durability of the mattress. Additionally, the wood pieces in slats are placed after a certain distance. Therefore, the mattress will get proper airflow which will ensure its breathability of the mattress.

You also don’t need additional assistance to install the slats. So, if you are on a limited budget and looking for a good mattress, slats are a better alternative than box springs.

Having said that, the slats don’t provide as much durability as the box spring does. If it’s not installed properly, there is also a chance of breaking or sagging the mattress. At the same time, the box springs provide good support overall to the mattress. Moreover, the box springs are available in different shapes and sizes.

So, according to the mattress measurement, you can easily find a box spring to fit perfectly on it. Thus, there is less chance of sagging or ruining the mattress structure. Also, when you have a box spring, you don’t need an additional bed. Though box springs are a bit heavier than slats, you are not going to move them every now and then.

Then, compared to slats, the box springs are a bit pricey. But the quality, durability, and comfort you will get with box springs are worth every penny.

Know More About Box Spring

Now you know how to choose a box spring mattress. We hope you already have a box spring or you are researching before buying it.

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Final Verdict

A comfortable bed is not only for sleeping but also for releasing stress and relaxation. Hence, we prioritize purchasing a good quality mattress without limiting the budget. When we make a great investment in a mattress, ensuring its longevity and protecting the shape and structure are important.

Thus, placing a foundation underneath is important as well. So, whether it’s a box spring or slats, you must choose the right foundation from the box spring, considering the type of mattress. Also, pay attention to the advantages and shortcomings each foundation comes along with before purchasing.

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