Best Cheese Slicer in 2022 – Reviews and Guide

Can you think of your grilled sandwich without cheese? I am sure not! But slicing cheese manually needs extra care, concentration, and time. And, in our busy schedule, budgeting extra time for cutting cheese is a luxury. Thus, with the help of modern technology, now we have a time-saving helping hand like a cheese slicer. However, as I began to look for the best cheese slicer for my kitchen, I got puzzled, seeing the wide variety of cheese cutters in the market.

Alas! I couldn’t rely on any other sources rather than spending around 48 hours reading the cheese slicer reviews just to identify which are the good cheese slicer. Eventually, I realized that the slicer seems like a simple tool; finding the best cheese cutter among the many is hectic. Are you also wondering which slicer cutter to go for?

I feel for you, buddy! It’s even more confusing as there are also various types of cheese. Certainly, without the right slicer, you cannot get the perfect piece of cheese. Hence, for your rescue, I have decided to share the knowledge I have gathered from the hours of research, then recommend the 10 top-rated cheese slicers for home use.

So, if you are also a die-hard cheese lover and looking for a heavy-duty cheese slicer, then go through the reviews till the end. I’m also adding details regarding the cheese slicer, its types, benefits, process, along with a buying guide.

Enjoy the write-up to enlighten yourself!


Top 3 Cheese Slicer in 2022

In a hurry? These 3 are the Best Cheese Slicer in 2022:


What Is a Cheese Slicer and Why Do You Need It?

Even though you probably know what a cheese slicer is, still, it’s a frequently asked question by the new home cooks. I would like to briefly explain to them that a cheese slicer or a cutter is a kitchen tool. It’s used to slice cheese at a certain thickness, depending on the cheese type. Using a cheese slicer, you can get even slices of cheese and also grate cheese when needed.

Then, the home cooks also wonder why it is necessary to have such a slicer. Well, when you are preparing food, portion control is necessary, isn’t it? Having a too thick or too thin cheese piece can ruin the food taste. Moreover, when you are arranging a party at home, and you need to slice a huge amount of cheese.

In such situations, you will have to kill hours if you choose to cut cheese manually just to make sure that all come with the same thickness. And, most of the time, it becomes a disaster. However, if you have a slicer at home, you can easily and quickly cut cheese, and all will come in identical shapes and sizes.

So, for saving your time, energy, increasing the food taste, and making the cheese lucrative, all you need is a cheese cutter.

Cheese Slicer Comparison

Image Name Summary Our Rating Get It
Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer Affordable price. Durable and handy. Ergonomic design and easy to handle. Requires low maintenance. Easy to adjust and replace the wire. Check Price
Prodyne 805B Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer Safety ensured. Lukrative design. Convenient size. Check Price
Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese Slicer Rubber feet for safety. Easy to clean and odor free. Luxurious looking marble base. Check Price
Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer Easy and comfortable to use. Strong stainless steel wire slicer. Requires minimum maintenance. Check Price
Westmark Cheese Slicer Soap and dishwasher safe. Multipurpose cheese come food slicer. Can be used for vegetables, meat, and dairy items. Check Price
RSVP Polished 8 x 5 White Marble Board Cheese Slicer Portable and durable. Wide marble board of 5″ by 8″. Durable and sharp stainless steel lever and wire cutter. Check Price
Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Plane/Slicer Low price. Easy to hang on the wall. Comfortable rounded handle. Check Price
OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer Comfortable grip. Replaceable wire. Efficient to cut thick and thin slices. Check Price
Barmix Cheese Slicer Dishwasher safe. Convenient to store. Multifunctional slicer. Check Price
BOSKA HOLLAND 307063 FLEX STEEL BLADE CHEESE SLICER Sharp and durable blade. Safe to clean with dishwasher. Efficient to cut semi-hard and hard cheese. Check Price

10 Best Cheese Slicer of 2022

As promised, I’m going to suggest 10 high-quality cheese slicers; the moment has come. These 10 products are the findings of my days of research and analysis. In fact, each of the products has positive reviews that the users are highly satisfied with the performance.

Hence, they are also recommending others to have one in their kitchen. If you look up the internet, you will also find the authenticity of the information because they belong to the best-selling category as well.

Here, I am going to share the honest review from my own experience and understanding, along with highlighting the most liked and less preferred features. Now, let’s cut to the chase and start with the first cheese cutter.

1. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer

Do you look for an adjustable wire cheese slicer? Most of the users prefer such a slicer; henceforth, we have chosen this slicer by Bellemain. The best aspect of this tool is it comes with all the features you wish for at a budget-friendly price.

On top of that, if you purchase this piece, you are also getting an additional replacement cutting wire, which is also stainless steel. It feels like a minimum investment with maximum benefit. Well, price and design are not everything. Performance is a must.

You will be happy to know that this adjustable wire cutter can give you thick, thin, and thinnest slices of cheese. And the cutter promises to make from 1/4″ to 3.5″ cheese block. So, there is no doubt that this would be an amazing slicer to use for various items for any occasion.

Even though the slicer does not perform well on soft cheese, the user-friendliness and adjustable thickness make it an amazing hard cheese slicer you would love to grab. So, overall, considering all the major features, the Bellemain has been successful in producing one of the best adjustable cheese slicers at a low price for the home cooks.

What I liked:
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and handy
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Easy to adjust and replace the wire
  • Ergonomic design and easy to handle
  • Designed with rugged stainless steel wire
  • Handy slicer made of the cast from zinc alloy
  • Packaging includes an additional cutting wire
  • Can provide thick to thin slices up to 3.5″ in width
What I did not like:
  • Efficient for hard cheese only
  • Using a dishwasher causes discoloration
  • Just the wire from Bellemain is recommended for replacement


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2. Prodyne 805B Thick Beech wood Cheese Slicer

Prodyne 805B Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer

Are you fascinated with the wooden cheese slicer? How would you feel if you can own one! I know what you are thinking, and that’s why here I have brought a strong and multi-purpose cheese slicer from renowned brand Prodyne. If you want to invest money for one slicer to slice through semi-soft to hard cheese, this might be the one. Let’s check out its extraordinary features.

Obviously, the best part of the slicer is the hard wooden base. It’s also wide enough to place a big chunk of cheese and cut comfortably. Moreover, the design is so elegant that you can use the board to present your cheese and crackers at a party.

The size also makes it convenient to carry at an outdoor picnic. Another significant aspect of this slicer is you can cut both hard, semi-hard, and semi-soft cheese using this one tool. It’s also saving your money this way.

However, a lot of users complain about not having straight slices at times. Well, it’s a matter of practice. As you use the tool often, eventually, you will be able to pull out smooth and even slices of cheese in less time.

What I liked:
  • Safety ensured
  • Lucrative design
  • Convenient size
  • Made of natural beechwood
  • Strong and durable wooden base
  • Designed with non-slip rubber feet
  • It comes with stainless-steel cutting wire
What I did not like:
  • The cutting isn’t durable enough for longer use
  • The finishing of the wooden board might peel off


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3. Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese Slicer

Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese Slicer

You will agree with me; marble cheese slicers are mind-blowing. Just by appearance, they can grab users’ attention. However, do you know it has some more benefits to use? That is why I have picked this marble slicer by Fox Run to show you how much extra comfort you can get using this tool compared to others.

So, first of all, there is no doubt that you can cut both hard and soft kinds of cheese with this cutter. Besides, you can also use this lavish-looking slicer as a tray to present your dishes. But, the most important advantage you can enjoy is the marble base will keep the cheese cool.

We all know that cheeses are easy to melt even at a slightly warm temperature. However, you no longer need to worry about melting cheese when you have a marble slicer. Additionally, for you to cut cheese with ease, the cutter comes with anti-slip rubber feet. So, even if the guests arrive and you are not ready with the cheese platter, you can do it comfortably in front of the guest and serve it on the slicer.

Even though the price of the slicer set is a bit expensive, only the slicer’s price is actually budget-friendly that you can have. So, not to worry at all! Because this elegant-looking slicer is going to be a strong and durable one for long time use. Grab it before the marble slicer runs out of stock!

What I liked:
  • Rubber feet for safety
  • Easy to clean and odor-free
  • Luxurious looking marble base
  • Suitable for hard and soft cheese
  • Durable slicer at an affordable price
  • Marble base ensures cool temperate
  • Offers additional stainless steel wires
  • Available with knives and other kitchen tools
What I did not like:
  • Not recommended for big cheese chunk
  • The wire may get loose after several uses


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4. Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Wire Cheese Slicer

Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Wire Cheese Slicer

Westmark cheese slicer is what most users are hyped about. Why wouldn’t! Because this amazing slicer comes from a trustworthy brand. The Westmark has experience in manufacturing kitchen tools and gadgets for more than 50 years. Keeping pace with the latest technology and trend, they are still sustaining in the running of producing kitchenwares.

And one of them is this cheese slicer. Even though the item is manufactured in Germany, they are popular worldwide. So, just as the name suggests, the wire cheese slicer is a strong and heavy-duty tool for the high-quality stainless steel material in roller and cast aluminum are used. Moreover, like any other wire slicer, you also get the freedom to choose the desired thickness of the slices.

You just need to modify the angle of the slicer and cut through the cheese. Whether your cheese is hard or soft, the tool will give you the desired slice with a smooth finish. Apart from the performance, the slicer comes in a convenient size for you to carry easily. It won’t need much space to accommodate your kitchen. What else can we expect!

It’s also easy to use and clean. So, have fun with your Wire Cheese Slicer by Westmark.

What I liked:
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Strong stainless steel wire slicer
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Ergonomic cast aluminum handle
  • Features adjustable angle for various thickness
What I did not like:
  • Difficult to adjust the cutter
  • The handle is too thin to hold


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5. Westmark Germany Multipurpose Cheese and Food Slicer

Westmark Germany Multipurpose Cheese and Food Slicer

Here is another slicer from Westmark. The amazing factor of this kitchenware is it’s not just a cheese cutter. Rather, it’s a multipurpose cheese and food cutter that most users wish for. Since you already know the quality of Westmark kitchenwares, let’s go straight to the details about this multi-functioning food cutter.

To begin with the construction, the blade is made of cast aluminum to give you a break-free cut and smooth finish. Also, the stainless steel cutter ensures durability for longer use. Unlike other slicers, the base of the cutter is of ABS, which also comes with a polypropylene adjustable scale. The scale will help you easily set the thickness of varying food items.

So, whether you need to cut cheese, meat, or vegetables, you can use this one device. Be it radish, cucumber, sausages, peppers, or lettuce, you can comfortably set the thickness and make your desired slice of any items. Overall, if you are afraid of a knife, this multipurpose food slicer from Westmark will certainly give you relief. Keeping this one slicer will also save your kitchen space! Isn’t it?

What I liked:
  • Soap and dishwasher safe
  • Multipurpose cheese come food slicer
  • Can be used for vegetables, meat, and dairy items
  • Adjustable thickness with polypropylene adjustable scale
  • Made of stainless steel cast aluminum blade and ABS base
What I did not like:
  • Belongs to expensive kitchenware


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6. RSVP International White Marble Cheese Slicer


Have you got your desired marble slicer? If not, then you can check out this white marble cheese cutter from RSVP. In case if you don’t know, RSVP is a famous brand for producing kitchen and cooking tools at an attractive price. Even though the marble cutter looks luxurious, you will be surprised to see the cheap price range.

However, their products don’t compromise with quality at all. The cutter comes with stainless steel wire to give sharp and edgy cheese pieces. Also, the board size is 5 inches by 8 inches, which makes it spacious enough to not only cut through a big chunk of cheese but also present them in a creative way when you have guests at home.

The beautiful texture of the natural marble will accentuate the beauty of the dish. As you purchase, you are also getting an additional wire too. So, starting from cutting cheese to serving in front of the crowd in an elegant way, this marble cutter is what you shouldn’t miss!

What I liked:
  • Wide marble board of 5″ by 8″
  • Recommended for washing with hand only
  • The package includes additional replacement wires
  • Durable and sharp stainless steel lever and wire cutter
What I did not like:
  • The replacement cost seems expensive
  • Frozen cheese is not recommended to cut


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7. Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Plane/Slicer

Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Plane/Slicer

Cheese planers are easy and fun to use. Especially when you are in a hurry, searching for the wire cutter or grabbing the big slicer board is really hectic. This is when the planer is easy to find, and without any safety concerns, you can slide through the cheese. For this reason, I have picked the highly recommended cheese planers by Norpro for busy users.

Similar to other slicers, this cutter is also made of professional gauge stainless steel. So, no need to worry about durability or performance. Apart from that, you can easily cut soft or hard cheese in a few seconds. Some users also shared that they used the planer for grating chocolate or butter. This is great as you can use this simple planer for multifunctional purposes.

Even though this cutter is perfect for thin slices, you can pair them up with multiple pieces to satisfy your taste bud. To easily find it when an emergency, you can hang up the cutter with a wire nail on the wall.

What I liked:
  • Low price
  • Easy to hang on the wall
  • Comfortable rounded handle
  • Features sharp angle blade for thin slices
  • Effective for cheese, chocolate, and butter
  • Made of sturdy professional gauge stainless steel
What I did not like:
  • Does not come with an adjustable feature
  • Cuts large piece and less versatility with the thickness


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8. OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer

OXO 1071567 Cheese Slicer

Rolling slicers are actually user-friendly and straightforward. They are comfortable holding and cutting cheese without causing any damage. This OXO cheese slicer is also a roller cutter that is safe, easy, and comfortable to use.

If you look at the design, it comes with an ergonomic handle. It’s comfortable to grip, ensuring resistance to slip. Also, the sharp stainless steel wire makes smooth and even cut every time you cut through the cheese. However, after several uses, the wire may get loose. But, you can tighten it by yourself with the help of the tensioning wheel.

Regarding the construction of the wire, it’s made of die-cast zinc. So, the materials used for each part of the cutter make it a strong and valuable kitchen tool. You can also easily clean and replace the wire when necessary.

What I liked:
  • Comfortable grip
  • Replaceable wire
  • Comfortable and durable cutter
  • Efficient to cut thick and thin slices
  • Made of die-cast zinc and stainless steel wire
What I did not like:
  • The roller is made of cheap plastic
  • Less efficient to make thin cheese slices


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9. Barmix Cheese Slicer

Barmix Cheese Slicer

In case if you didn’t find your desired cutter, here is another cheese planer for you to choose from. This planer is from Barmix. This brand is well known for making good quality products and superior craftsmanship. So, if you are a cheese lover and worried about making thin and even slices of cheese, then you can check out this planer.

Because this planer is specially designed to create perfect thin and smooth slices of hard cheese. This aspect makes it one of the most popular cheese slicers for hard cheese. You can use the slicer for other frozen dairy products like chocolate and butter. And surprisingly, you can use it as a vegetable peeler and pie server too.

So, when you are in a hurry, you can grab this planer to slice through hard, semi-hard to soft cheeses. As I said, it’s a multifunctional slicer; you may be worried about the blade’s durability. Let me release your concern. Because the planer is made of durable and sturdy stainless steel. It will ensure you get smooth and fine slices of cheese every time you cut.

Overall, it’s an efficient and reliable cheese planer for home cooks. Would you like to try one?

What I liked:
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Convenient to store
  • Multifunctional slicer
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Ensures thin and even slices consistently
  • Features ergonomic rubber handle for a comfortable grip
  • Efficient to cut hard and soft cheese, vegetables, and chocolate
What I did not like:
  • Durability is questionable
  • Efficient only for thin slices


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10. Boska Holland 307063 Flex Steel Blade Cheese Slicer

Boska Holland 307063 Monaco Cheese Slicer

Boska Holland is one of the old brands competing in the industry of kitchenware. They have 100 years of expertise in designing cutters of hard cheese. Thus, you will find the blades of the cheese cutter are made of the extensive quality of stainless steel.

The blade not only lasts long but also stays sharp for years, even after several uses. You may say a lot of other slicers are made of stainless steel; then what’s so special about Boska Holland? Well, the blade is set in a way that you can bend the slicer along with your cheese to create a beautiful piece of cheese.

Though the brand makes a cutter for hard cheese, you can still use the tool for semi-hard cheese too. The tool is also easy to clean and maintain, so you won’t have to deal with the extra hassle of ensuring its longevity. Overall, it’s a pleasant cheese slicer that comes at a reasonable price. Once you experience, trust me, you will come back to the Boska Holland brand again.

What I liked:
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Safe to clean with dishwasher
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Stainless steel blade cheese planer
  • Efficient to cut semi-hard and hard cheese
What I did not like:
  • Expensive slicer
  • The slippery handle may cause a safety issue
  • Not recommended for the big chunk of block cheese


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Types of Cheese Slicers

Whether you’re a cheese lover or not, we all know that cheese comes with a wide variety. Be its feta cheese, cream cheese, or gouda cheese, you can prepare salad, savory dish, or dessert using cheese. However, you may find a hundred varieties of cheese in the shop. Do you need a slicer for each type?

Not really! Even though there are various types of cheese, the slicer has been designed to cut based on its softness. For example, the feta, camembert, and brie belong to the soft cheese category. On the other hand, the hard and semi-hard cheeses range from cheddar, parmesan, romano, gouda, muenster, blue cheese, and so on.

Below I present the types of cutters available in the market. So, depending on how hard or soft the cheese is, you may choose any of the cutters that are convenient for you.

Slicer with a board

The board base slicer is one of the high-quality cheese slicers. Why? Well, the tool comes with a strong board. Mostly, the cheese slicer boards come with a wooden base. But, you may also find marble, plastic, or any other strong material.

Here, you place the cheese on the board and, the wire attached to it works as the blade. As you cut through the cheese, you will get smoother slices on the board. They are also easy to clean.

Hand cheese slicers

The hand cheese slicers are easy, handy, and easy to operate. Compared to any other type, the handheld cheese slicers come at an affordable price. You may find two types of such cutters.

Adjustable Cheese Slicer

The Adjustable Cheese Slicer looks like a vegetable peeler. It comes with a handle and wire at the top. You can just hold the cutter with one hand and cheese in the other. Then, slide through the cheese to get even thick pieces. You can also adjust the thickness you require. But, they are best for cutting semi-soft and hard cheese.

Cheese Planer

The cheese planer is also a hand cheese slicer. By design, it looks like a spade. The purpose of using this planer is to get thin cheese pieces. It’s made of stainless steel and designed with a sharp blade and a hole inside.

Just like the cheese roller, you need to place the planer on top of the cheese. Then, as you scrap the tool from top to bottom of the cheese, you will get the piece on the planer. So, if you are looking for a thin cheese slicer, I recommend you choose the cheese planer.

Electric cheese slicer

The electric slicer is also known as the professional cheese cutter. The device is electrically operated. These slicers are designed in such a way that you can use them for cutting meat and cheese. To do the slicing job swiftly, the slicer comes with a sharp blade.

The overall device is made of durable aluminum. It also comes with a sharpener for sharpening the dull blade and a tray for easy cleanup. However, such slicers are heavy, need a wide space to accommodate, and are not handy at all.

Benefits of Owning a Cheese Slicer

Most of the cooks think a slicer for cheese is unnecessarily hyped kitchen utensils. Well, so did I, when I didn’t own one. But, as I have purchased and started using it for quite a long time, I realize it has been a wise investment for me.

The most significant benefit of the slicer is time-saving. Before, when I used to slice cheese manually, most portions were wasted. Because of the uneven cut, damage and most of them were unpresentable. So, I had to cut more cheese to get the desired slice.

But, now, when I have it, I don’t need to cut and check. Rather, each slice comes with fine shape, smoothness, and thickness. Now, when I am in a hurry or need to make something quick for a midnight snack, I can make a cheese sandwich in less than 30 seconds. All I do is slice a piece of Maasdam, have it in a piece of bread or two, sprinkle some pepper and ham, then throw it in the oven for 10 seconds. My snack is ready!

What Are the Must-have Features to Consider Before Finding the Best Cheese Slicer?

Regardless of how much pence we spend on purchasing a product, we always want to grab the best piece. Though cheese cutters are not that expensive tools, still having the best slicer in the kitchen is what the cook needs. This is the reason the users tend to go through the best cheese slicer review. However, you may pick the wrong or unnecessary slicer from the recommended list if you don’t consider some qualifying features.

Therefore, here I’m pointing out some significant features that you can consider to evaluate your targeted slicer. Not only that, but these features will also help you understand which slicer you would need compatible with your requirements.

Build quality

The first thing you should never miss when you are purchasing a kitchen tool is the build quality. How do you check the build quality of a slicer? To know that, you need to check the construction, material used, and design. No matter whether you choose a cheese planer, a wire cutter, or slicer boards, always make sure the cutter is made of high-quality material.


By mentioning “material,” I focus on the elements used in every section of the slicer. If you are choosing an adjustable roller slicer, make sure it’s made of durable and stainless aluminum. On the other hand, if you want to get a tabletop slicer, you may go for a marble cheese slicer, wooden base, or aluminum base cutter. I don’t recommend choosing low quality plastic base cutters as they won’t last long.


For any cutting utensil, safety is a major concern. Even though slicer is a simple tool, you shouldn’t overlook safety matters. Thus, make sure the tool is easy to grip, non-slip, and the blade is securely placed in the tool. For a safe tabletop cheese cutter, you can choose rubber feet. And, for the handheld slicer, you may choose a rubber handle. However, in either type of slicer, make sure the blade is attached in a way that even if the cutter falls, it won’t cause any health hazard.


Durability is a must. Cheese cutter is going to be used every now and then. If it’s not durable enough, you will have to purchase it again and again. So, for durability, do focus on the design, construction pattern, the material used, and users’ experience before purchase.


How can you check performance beforehand! The real users’ experience will help you understand the performance — also, the product description. So, when you are reviewing different slicers, focus on how consistent they are while cutting hard, semi-hard, or soft cheeses. Does the tool have the ability to give even and straight cuts? How often does the blade need to be sharpened? Likewise, you can build up your own questions to understand the performance quality.

Cleaning process

Food tools and utensils need to be clean and tidy. Otherwise, you will have to face hygiene issues. However, when it comes to cutting tools, it needs to ensure ease for cleaning and maintenance. I find the dishwasher-safe slicer is more convenient to use. Even if you want to wipe off the residue, it should be quick and easy too.


Why do we choose a slicer instead of a knife? Simply for saving time. But, if the tool needs a lengthy maintenance process, it will kill our time. Therefore, it will be wise to choose the slicer that has minimal maintenance procedures like adaptable to soap, dishwasher, self-sharpening, or easy to replace the blade when dull and so on.


The user-friendliness will depend on how easy and safe the device is to use. Thus, I prefer an ergonomic design for my slicer. It gives me the comfort to hold and cut swiftly during an emergency and dealing with a large amount of cheese. If you are searching for a portable slicer, make sure the tool comes in a handy size, safety measure, and durable, sharp blade. So, choose the slicer that you find user-friendly.


These days, most of the tools are designed with versatility. If you also want such a feature in the slicer, you can check aspects like adjustability, flexibility to use on different types of cheese, varying thickness, and so on.

Cheese Type

Don’t forget to check if the slicer is designed to cut hard, semi-hard or soft cheese. Some slicers can be used for multiple types of cheese, and some are only for hard cheese. The wrong tool can ruin your cheese slices. So, keep this factor in mind.

What Might Happen If You Do Not Consider the Must-have Features

So far, I have tried to highlight the features you must not miss while choosing the slicer. A lot of the users randomly pick slicer, seeing that it is most popular. But, picking that slicer can be a wrong decision if it doesn’t match your requirements.

Thus, it’s very important to always go through the must-have features not only for evaluating the slicer but also to narrow down what kind of slicer you actually need. Because different users have different priorities, some think of picking the cheap ones to be on the budget, and some go crazy with the design. But, what matters the most is the ability to find the most suited cheese slicer in the budget that comes with all the necessary features.

Otherwise, you may get a cutter that is not designed with safety. The slicer may be overpriced compared to the performance. On top of everything, the slicer is designed well with durable material but is not efficient to cut cheese smoothly and evenly. If such cases happen, you would have to set the slicer aside and look for another one.

Therefore, to make the best decision of purchasing the cheese cutter you need, it’s highly recommended to consider the features. Because we don’t want our money to be wasted.


Q) What’s the best cheese slicer?

Ans: To tell you the truth, it’s not possible to say one product is the best when there are many high-quality slicers available. It also depends on the requirement of the user. However, based on my research and product performance, I find the Bellemain adjustable thickness cheese slicer is one of the best quality slicers in the present market. Starting from construction to performance, the item is leading in the race.

Q) Which is the best cheese slicer for the home cook?

Ans: Well, there is a wide range of brands manufacturing slicers for household and professional use. Since different cooks have different levels of proficiency, it’s hard to suggest one product only. Nevertheless, home cooks need a user-friendly slicer that gives them smooth and even slices of cheese. Considering the requirement of non-professional cooks, I think the Prodyne 805B thick Beechwood cheese slicer would give you the desired performance.

Q) Which is the best brand for manufacturing quality cheese slicers?

Ans: There are hundreds of brands in the kitchenware business manufacturing cheese cutters. Among them, there are a few brands that are leading in the competition with versatility and advanced features. Though it’s not possible to address all of them, I think Westmark Germany is consistently manufacturing quality cheese cutters for over 50 years.

Q) How much should I cost to buy a cheese slicer?

Ans: Since there are different types of cheese cutters available in the market, the price varies based on versatility. If you need a one-type cheese cutter or hard cheese cutter, then you can get a good quality roller cheese cutter or marble cheese slicer for $10. But, if you want a luxurious multi-functional yet extensive quality slicer come cutter, the price may range between $25 to $40.

Final verdict

Finally, we’re at the end of the review of the best cheese slicers. Throughout the article, I tried my best to stay neutral and provide you with only the real facts. I hope you have been able to choose the desired cheese cutter you were looking for.

Now, it’s time to order the targeted cheese slicer. But, before you do that, I would recommend you to go through the must-have features I have discussed in my article to qualify. And, don’t forget to prioritize what you need over anything.

So, Cheese lovers, hurry up! Before your favorite slicer gets stock-out! 🙂

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