Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower – Reviews & Guide

Whether it’s summer, winter, or spring, if you have a big garden, cleaning up piles of leaves from the area is a hectic job. Thanks to the leaf blower manufacturers for launching the best walk behind leaf blowers in the market. Now, taking care of your favorite garden or lawn area will be quicker and enjoyable than ever before.

However, the walk-behind blowers are quite expensive, so it’s important to be able to find the right one for the right job. Now, a lot of property owners and professionals look for walk behind blowers for cleaning the garden effortlessly and saving their time and energy. Hence, here I have chosen the top quality blowers to review that are highly demanding in the market.

Additionally, to help you find the most suitable one according to your requirement, I am also sharing a complete guide of significant features that will help you qualify the blowers you choose. Now, let’s cut to the chase and get to know what a leaf blower is and why you need it before starting the review!


Top 3 Walk Behind Leaf Blower in 2022

In a hurry? These 3 are the Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower in 2022:


What Is a Walk Behind Leaf Blower and Why Do You Need It?

The walk behind leaf blowers is a motorized leaf blower. You must have seen backpack leaf blowers, handheld leaf blowers, portable leaf blowers, gas leaf vacuum blowers, and so on. These leaf blowers are handy, portable, and come with limited power and capacity to collect leaves from the garden.

Compared to these leaf blowers, the walk behind leaf vacuum blower is a big blower that is designed with an air-blowing cannon, wheels, and a motor. The motor is so powerful that it can collect a large volume of wet and dry dirt, debris, twigs, leaves, sticks, and so on. Unlike most blowers, the walk behind leaf blower vacuum device can collect the leaves effortlessly with the help of the wheels.

When there are budget-friendly and compact size leaf blowers available, what is the necessity of having a machine like a leaf vacuum walk behind? Well, these blowers are heavy-duty devices. With the push and pull behind leaf blower mechanism, this device is used mostly as commercial blowers and industrial leaf blowers.

Users who have a big garden or are involved in professional gardening and maintenance jobs often need to work at big yards of personal or industrial property. Thus, they need to collect a huge amount of debris for cleaning and gardening purposes. It will be extremely tough and time-consuming to do these jobs with backpacks or handheld lawn vacuum devices.

Hence, to work on large properties for personal or professional use, using the strongest leaf blower like walk-behind machines make the job easy, effortless, and time-saving.

Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower Comparison

Image Name Summary Our Rating Get It
Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Force Blower Quiet operation. 200 mph airspeed. Durable 16 blade fan. 2,600 CFM delivers a major punch. 393 cc powerful Honda GX engine. Check Price
Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower 1,200 CFM. Low vibration. Less noise production. 163cc powerful engine. 15-degree adjustable chute for precision. Check Price
Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind Trimmer Fuel-efficient. 22” cut swath. Off-set trim head. Heavy-duty wheels. 3 cutting head heights. Powerful, larger OHV engine. Check Price
Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum Hose kit included. Large bag capacity. Heavy-duty clean-up. Variable height adjustment. Adequate debris holding space. Check Price
Billy Goat F902H Force Blower 16-blade fan. Tubular steel frame. 1,700 CFM of air moved. 200 mph airspeed generated. 262 cc 4-stroke Honda engine. Check Price

Top 5 Leaf Blowers Reviews

After a long 40 hours of research, here I have chosen 5 leaf blowers that you can consider purchasing for cleaning medium to large areas. These blowers are also used and recommended by professionals. What can you expect from this review?

Well, these 5 wheeled leaf blower reviews will present the key features, strengths, and drawbacks to help you choose the right blower. Let’s get started!

1. Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Force Blower

Billy Goat F1302SPH Self-Propelled Force Blower

Billy Goat, the renowned brand, makes one of the best gas-powered blowers. The machine outshines other blowers due to its productivity and power capacity. One of the most outstanding features of this device is it can produce 2,600 CFM with its 393 cc Honda GX engine.

Can you imagine this device can produce 6 times more air volume than the top-quality backpack blowers? This only feature makes it an efficient device to clean the entire school garden, parks, resorts, streets, real estate properties, golf gardens, and so on. Additionally, the 17 inches self-propelled blade makes the debris collecting job fast and quick.

To help you do the job with precision, there is a discharge chute that you can easily snap and adjust to a certain area where you need to collect the debris. However, if you are worried about the noise that this beast would make, you shouldn’t. Because the device not only minimizes the need to push but also reduces the noise.

Nevertheless, the device is comfortable to use due to its powder-coated frame and padded handles. You can also easily move the device with its smooth and durable pneumatic wheels. Though the price of the device is very high, the performance and built quality are worth the money.

What we liked:
  • Self-propelled
  • Quiet operation
  • 200 mph airspeed
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Durable 16 blade fan
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • 2,600 CFM delivers a major punch
  • 393 cc powerful Honda GX engine
What we did not like:
  • Relatively costly


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2. Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower

Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower

Are you on a limited budget? Waiting for a leaf vacuum for sale to pick the walk behind blower you desire? Don’t be sad! Here is a southland walk behind blower with an affordable price and outstanding features for you.

The 163cc OHV engine blower is extremely powerful and fuel-efficient. It can produce 1200 CFM, which is four times more powerful than backpack blowers. Then, to reduce vibration and easily control the airflow direction, the machine incorporates a balanced fan.

So, you can do blowing, cleaning, digging, shredding, trimming, etc., in no time with this two and four-cycle gas-powered blower. Additionally, to easily and quickly maneuver the device, there are 12 inches rear and front swivel wheels. They will help you collect debris effortlessly from large areas as well.

Overall, the Southland blower is powerful, efficient, durable, easy to use, and control, which you can get at an attractive price range.

What we liked:
  • 1,200 CFM
  • Easy to move
  • Low vibration
  • Moderate airflow
  • Less noise production
  • 163cc powerful engine
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Manual recoil start system
  • Powerful and easy-to-start motor
  • 15-degree adjustable chute for precision
What we did not like:
  • Low airstream
  • Fragile Handles


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3. Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind Trimmer

Remington RM1159 159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind Trimmer

The 3rd best push leaf blower is from Remington Power Tools. It’s a multipurpose blower you can use for minor trimming to clean a whole yard. If you are looking for a user-friendly and efficient, and highly powerful blower, this Remington RM1159 can be an option for you.

The device comes with a 159cc OHV engine which is powerful enough to shape and trimming garden beds, sideways, border areas with ease. Not only the device has enough fuel efficiency, but also the compact size 22-Inch cutting swath helps you to reach narrow places to cut tough grass and bushes. There is also an offset trimmer head incorporated with this device, especially to do trimming jobs in narrow places.

Besides, with the large rear wheels, you can also give any shape to your lawn and garden. You can also move the wheel into three positions. The 4 cycle engine also assists in getting any tough job done easily in no time.

It will help you to have more control and stability with the device while cleaning the lawn. Overall, the gas-powered walk-behind Remington blower is made for the care and maintenance of your lawn and garden, no matter how tough or tall the grasses are. From design to performance, the blower is designed for the comfort of the users.

What we liked:
  • Fuel-efficient
  • 22” cut swath
  • Off-set trim head
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • User-friendly design
  • 3 cutting head heights
  • Powerful, larger OHV engine
What we did not like:
  • High price
  • Some assembly required


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4. Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum

Billy Goat KV600 Lawn and Litter Vacuum

Here is another best commercial walk behind leaf blower from Billy Goat for you to compare. This brand has been manufacturing reliable and easy-to-use devices for cleaning outdoor areas for more than 40 years. With highly efficient suction power, the blower can collect leaves, branches, debris, seeds, and any specks of dirt from the garden easily.

The machine comes with a 190 cc engine and a mesh bag with a dust skirt. As you turn on the device, the nozzle collects the debris into the mesh bag. To make the suction job more efficient, there is a large 5 blade impeller that comes with the blower.

So, all you need is a little time to collect the debris and clean up the mesh bag when you are done. You will be amazed to know the mesh bag can collect 40 gallons of debris at a time. Though it’s designed for commercial purposes, you can still use it for personal property or residential maintenance jobs.

You can also adjust the height of the device when you need to collect debris from hard-to-reach areas. So, are you looking for the perfect blower to clean the patio, lawn, driveway, sideways, walkway, shrubs, decks, pool areas, parking lots, etc.? Whether it’s your requirement or you need a blower for professional use, this Billy Goat KV600 will serve the purpose just how you want it.

What we liked:
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hose kit included
  • Large bag capacity
  • Environment friendly
  • Heavy-duty clean-up
  • Variable height adjustment
  • Adequate debris holding space
What we did not like:
  • Need electricity to work


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5. Billy Goat F902H Force Blower

Billy Goat F902H Force Blower

The final best leaf blower cordless machine is again from Billy Goat. Beyond the common blowers with push and pull mechanisms, this blower is designed with a self-propeller for commercial use. No matter whether you are cleaning a flat garden or trimming down the hills, you can clean up any size of land with ease.

Compared to most walk behind blowers, this blower is lighter, so you can also comfortably handle the device. Also, you don’t need to push around the device while working, so it reduces the need to put too much effort into cleaning up the garden.

Additionally, a 262 cc engine can blow air at 200 MPH, which determines the device is a high-performing one. To be specific, this device is efficient enough to collect debris and piles of leaves in less time, similar to any 300 mph leaf blowers would do. You can also adjust the discharge chute in any direction to precisely collect debris from fences, property lines, and any tiny places.

Additionally, for the users’ comfort, the device also comes with ergonomic padded handles and a durable tubular steel frame. Then, the large wheels also allow you to maneuver easily on wet and dry surfaces. Though the price is a bit high, the device comes with the right features, fuel efficiency, and build quality that you would be happy to pay for professional use. It can be a lifetime investment for your business as well.

What we liked:
  • 16-blade fan
  • Self-propelled
  • Tubular steel frame
  • 1,700 CFM of air moved
  • High powered air velocity
  • 200 mph airspeed generated
  • 262 cc 4-stroke Honda engine
What we did not like:
  • Bit heavy


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What Are the Must-Have Features to Find the Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower?

There are many leaf blower comparison reviews available on the web where you can find pull behind leaf blower, push leaf blower, sears leaf blower, and many more. Among all these versatile blowers, how do you know which are the top leaf blowers? Well, to find the top-quality leaf blower walk behind, you need to focus on some essential features.

Hence, here I am sharing the detailed leaf blower buying guide so you can find the most suitable one for your purpose.

Ergonomic Design

To begin with, you need to check the design of the leaf blower. As you already know, this blower is used for large yard vacuuming jobs. So, it would help if you used the machine for a long time. Hence, the machine needs to have an ergonomic design for your convenience and comfort. Therefore, you should focus on the handle design, wheel maneuverability, weight, and so on.

Leaf Blower Type

There are three types or grades of leaf blowers available such as entry grade, mid-grade and commercial grade. If you are looking for a
blower for cleaning patios, driveways, or any small area, then you can go for the entry-level portable industrial blower.

If you need to clean a large area like an acre or so, then you will need a high-capacity blower. Then, you can go for an industrial leaf vacuum with 450 CFM and more. So, choose the type of blower carefully.


The walk behind leaf blowers moves on wheels. Hence it is important to consider the quality of it. You will find different types of wheel depending on where you are going to use the machine. If you intend to use it on soft terrains, then pneumatic wheels will be a good choice.

Also, if it’s large size wheels, then you will get better stability. Besides, straight front wheels are more suitable for uphill use, whereas the swivel wheels are easy to turn. So, check the type and functionality of wheels beforehand.


The performance of the walk behind blower depends on the power capacity. Usually, these blowers are operated with gas. If you need to vacuum a large garden area, then you need high engine capacity. The capacity is expressed in cubic centimeters. The higher the power is, the better performance you will get.


CFM (cubic feet per minute) measures the volume of air a blower can draw and releases in a minute. With this rating, you can understand the performance of the device. Higher CFM means it can collect leaves fast and in less time.

MPH measures the airspeed that passes through the blower nozzle. While you choose a wheeled leaf blower, choose high CFM and MPH for high performance.

2 cycle or 4 cycle engine

The walk behind gas leaf blowers is powered by 2 cycle and 4 cycle engines. Both of these engines are okay to use, but 4 stroke engines are the most common and widely available. The 2 cycle engines are powerful, durable, and easy to use but make a lot of noise. Whereas the 4 cycle engines are quieter, efficient, and operate with pure gas.

Fuel Capacity

Always check the fuel capacity of the leaf blower. Usually, the blower comes with a large gas tank which you can use for a long time. The fuel capacity ranges from 0.75 to 1 gallon. The larger the tank, the less you need to refill it now and then.


When you are in need of a walk behind blower, considering the brand value is also important. According to my research, billy goat, southland leaf blower, black and decker leaf blower, craftsman electric leaf blower, little wonder blower, red leaf blower, etc., are some of the popular products that are not only high quality but also quite expensive.


Walk behind leaf blowers are expensive machines. But, its capacity, speed, and power are also very high compared to other leaf blowers. So, considering the features and build quality, you can keep a budget of $300 to $500. And, the budget can go higher than $2000 if you need higher quality and advanced features.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower?

Walk behind blowers are powerful, efficient, and expensive blowers that also cost high prices. It’s made for professional use for cleaning large areas. However, it does not require the user to put much effort into doing the job. Here are some additional benefits you can enjoy using a leaf blower.

  • The device is extremely powerful and comes with high fuel capacity. So, you can use the device for a long time without refueling it frequently.
  • The wheels, blowers, and other parts are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can continuously use the device for 7 days a week for hours. However, it will not require much care and maintenance, which is also a great advantage for the user.
  • The device also comes with a directional nozzle. So, you can aim at the required spot and collect the debris easily. This feature makes the job more convenient and faster.

What Are the Challenges of Using a Leaf Blower?

The walk behind blowers is certainly a useful device to use for professional purposes. Though it has some great advantages, all good things have some drawbacks too.

Since you are going to purchase the best walk behind leaf vacuum, you must be aware of the little disadvantages. Although the disadvantages can be ignored, you can still be prepared before purchasing it.

  • The device is very loud. No matter what the brand promises to reduce the noise, you will still have to work with the sound it makes. Thus, you can wear ear-protecting gear to save your ears and let you work comfortably.
  • Due to the size, power, and other features, the walk behind blowers tends to be more expensive than other blowers. It can operate airspeed at 450 CFM, which is not possible with other handheld or backpack blowers. So, you get the performance worth the price.
  • Walk-behind leaf blowers require proper maintenance. Because it incorporates more parts and functionality, the maintenance will ensure durability and better performance for long time use. Hence, you need to check up and clean the device regularly.


Q) What is CFM?

Answer: The term CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. The CFM calculation formula determines the air displacement of the blower in 60 seconds. To simply put, with CFM, you can understand how much air a blower can move and at what speed.

Q) What is the best leaf blower?

Answer: There are plenty of high-quality leaf blowers in the market. It isn’t easy to name only one as the best. However, as per my research, the billy goat leaf vacuum F1302SPH Self-Propelled Force Blower is one of the highest performing ones at present.

Q) What is a good CFM for a leaf blower?

Answer: If you are looking for a leaf blower to clean the garden, driveways, or sideways, then cordless electric leaf blowers would be a good option with a CFM of around 200 to 400 considering the price and capacity. You can get the best lithium-ion cordless leaf blower with this CFM range. However, if you are cleaning a large property like an acre or more, you will have to choose a leaf blower within 400 to 700 CFM.

Q) What is the most powerful electric leaf blower?

Answer: There are many high-quality leaf blower electrics available in the market. Among them, the Worx WG521 Turbine 800 Leaf Blower Turbo is known as the most powerful and one of the best electric leaf blowers.

Leaf blowers are loud. Most importantly, the walk-behind blowers make deafening noise that you need protective gear to work with. However, considering the sound one device makes, the Echo Leaf Blower is known as one of the quietest blowers as it produces only 65 decibels.

Q) What’s the most powerful leaf blower?

Answer: The most powerful leaf blower in the world is The Hacksmith. It’s a gas-powered blower that can blow at 900 CFM.

Final Thought

Here I have come to the end of the best walk behind leaf blowers reviews. The list contains only highly performing and reliable devices, so you can confidently choose the one you like without any hesitation. If you want to purchase any other blower, that’s okay too!

Since blowers are highly expensive devices that also come with wide variation, it is important to consider the features beforehand. Hence, I strongly recommend you go through the key features before you make any purchasing decision.

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