How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner – 5 Easy Steps

Isn’t it exciting to get the best vacuum for frieze carpet! But have you ever paid attention to how to clean the vacuum cleaner? If not, you must.

Because we are so concerned about cleaning the whole house, carpets, sofas, rugs, and vacuumable items, but hardly do pay attention to the tools and devices we use for cleaning those items. One of the key devices is vacuum cleaners, which need thorough cleaning too.

As there is a wide diversity in vacuum cleaners, from handheld vacuum to cordless vacuum with extraordinary features, the procedure to clean vacuum filter needs your attention to preserve its cleaning efficiency.

Hence, here I will explain to you how to clean your vacuum cleaner in a proper and sophisticated way.


Things You Will Need


  1. Scissors
  2. Freshwater
  3. Dryer sheets
  4. A wire hanger
  5. Scrubbing brush
  6. Dishwashing soap
  7. A lint-free cloth or cotton pad
  8. White vinegar or rubbing alcohol

How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Vacuum Cleaner

When you are ready with the things you need, it’s time to prepare and begin the process of the deep cleaning vacuum cleaner.


Whether you have the best vacuum cleaner or cheap vacuum cleaners, you need adequate space to complete the cleaning task without causing any damage.

Make sure to unplug and remove the battery of the device before cleaning. Then, read the manual properly and be aware of what you can and what you cannot do to perform the cleaning job.

Step 1: How to clean vacuum filter

The vacuum filter is the most crucial part of the vacuum cleaner. The filter actually sucks up all the dirt and debris from the carpet and fabrics, leaving your home clean. Thus, it’s extremely important to know how to clean vacuum cleaner filters properly and carefully.

So, you should check the manual to understand the mechanisms and regulations for cleaning them. Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner you have, there can be multiple filters.

Check out where the filters are located and remove them for cleaning. Usually, most of the filters are washable.

Once the filters are removed, shake them well to remove the debris in the garbage bin. Then, rinse with fresh and cool water thoroughly for 10 minutes.

Let them dry for 24 hours and check if they are completely dry. Then, put them back in the device.

Step 2: How to clean the canister

Some vacuum cleaners come with vacuum bags, and some don’t. So if your vacuum comes with a bag, then you don’t need to clean the canister. Instead, clean the bag when it’s full and put it in the vacuum if your device comes with reusable vacuum cleaner bags.

However, if you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, then you need to clean the canister. Here, don’t forget to check the manual for guidance. First of all, you need to remove the canister from the vacuum section of the device. Then, use the dishwashing soap or pick the best vacuum cleaner solution to soak the canister in it.

Then, use a scrubbing brush to clean any marks and rusting debris. When you are done, rinse it with clean water and let the canister for 24 hours to completely dry.

When cleaning the canister is done, you should pay attention to the interior of the device where the canister is placed.

To clean this section, you can use a toothbrush and remove the debris. Then, using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe away the rest of the debris.

Step 3: How to clean vacuuming parts

When you are done with the important parts like the canister and filter, cleaning the rest of the attaches is quite easy and hassle-free.

Just get a bucket of fresh and warm water and add a teaspoon of dishwashing soap. Now, if you notice fiber or hair is stuck in it, wear gloves and use a toothbrush to remove it.

After all the parts are clean properly, make sure no soapy water is stuck on the attachments. Then, wipe them with dry clothes or cotton pads and let them completely dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: How to clean a vacuum hose

For more thorough cleaning, you should also clean the vacuum cleaner hose. Well, firstly, you need to check if there is any crack in the hose.

If so, wrap it with duct tape. Then, use white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to clean the outside of the hose.

Then, if you notice the hose is clogged, what to do? Are you wondering how to unclog a vacuum hose? You may find a tool to unclog the vacuum hose.

But, an effective DIY tool is a wire hanger. Straighten the hanger to poke through the clog to unclog it. Be careful not to tear the vacuum hose.

Rub the outside of the vacuum hose end with wax paper to prevent attachments from sticking.

Step 5: How to clean vacuum cleaner brush

As you have cleaned most vacuuming attachments, don’t forget to clean the beater brush. For cleaning the beater, brush the dust off the dry debris and dirt first.

Then, cut out the hair, loose strands, or nonremovable fibers or hair using the scissor.

If you notice a bad odor, use vinegar and water solution and spray all over the brush. Let the solution completely dry before using it for vacuum. But, be careful not to spray on the belt of the brush.

Tips for Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner

Besides cleaning the vacuum cleaner filter and canister, here are some tips that you can follow to ensure the durability and longevity of your device.

Make sure to clean the canister or vacuum bag before it’s ¾ full
If you are not sure about cleaning the vacuum cleaner or need a repairing job, seek a professional cleaner’s help.

If you notice an unpleasant odor from the vacuum cleaner, use vinegar as a home remedy odor removal solution.

Use dryer sheets to complete the cleaning job without spilling water or creating a mess all over the place.

Learn More about Vacuum Cleaner

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Final thought

Finally, I am at the end of explaining How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner thoroughly.

Whether you own the most popular Dyson vacuum or any affordable range vacuum cleaner, follow the cleaning process to ensure the durability of your device.

Don’t forget to share your valuable tips for cleaning the vacuum cleaner with me.

In case you don’t have a vacuum cleaner yet and looking for an extensively quality one, then go through the vacuum cleaner reviews to pick the suitable one for you!

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