How to Empty Shark Vacuum – Step by Step Instruction

No matter how many hours or days you have passed searching for the Best Vacuum for Frieze Carpet, it can literally be worthless in a while if you don’t ensure proper maintenance. Think for a moment, what does a shark vacuum cleaner do for you!

From a small shark vacuum to the best shark vacuum, all types of vacuum cleaners absorb a large volume of debris and dirt. Thus, there is a high chance of the device getting clogged or losing its efficiency.

It’s extremely crucial to clean the shark vacuum filter properly to ensure the durability and longevity of the device.

Hence, it’s a common question for most users is how to empty a shark vacuum or clean a vacuum cleaner properly. Let me tell you; it’s a piece of important information to know before or while you have any range of shark professional vacuum cleaners.

As there is a wide variety of shark vacuum cleaners in terms of technology, special features, shark vacuum dust cup, size, capacity, and so on, certainly, the procedure for cleaning and maintenance can vary from each other.

Considering the importance of the matter, I am going to explain when and how to clean the vacuum cleaner.

In this article, you will get step-by-step instructions to follow. So, keep reading if you don’t want to miss any details. I hope you will love it!


When to Clean the Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Empty vacuum cleaner

It wouldn’t be legitimate to tell you to clean the vacuum cleaner on a weekly or monthly basis. Because how frequently the user uses the device varies from person to person. Thus, the cleaning frequency will also vary.

But, here is the interesting aspect of any vacuum cleaner. Most of the cleaners come with an indicating feature. So, in your device, you can check the label on the indicator whether it has reached the maximum level of dirt.

Usually, the label is indicated as min and max fill. Here, if you see the cup has reached halfway, it’s time to get it cleaned up.

It will be better not to wait until the last moment because it can affect its efficiency. Also, if the device is not cleaning up properly or getting clogged up, then it’s definitely time to clean up.

Check carefully the suction power and shark rotator to remove all sorts of debris from the device.

Another way to learn when to clean the cup is if you get a bad odor from the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes when the device gets too much clogged, you may notice a change in sound. Then, it would help if you got it cleaned up immediately.

How to Empty Shark Vacuum?

Before you begin the cleaning job, I recommend you go through the shark vacuum instructions. Then you can follow the below steps to carefully and properly clean and bring back the new look.

Step 1 – Disconnect the AC connection

First of all, you need to make sure the device is disconnected from the AC outlet. Then, take out the plug and place the device in a spacious place for cleaning purposes. If you have the cordless shark duo clean vacuum, then remove the battery.

Step 2 – Open Shark Vacuum

The opening feature of the shark duo vacuum may be different varying the devices. However, to open the bin, hold the handle adjacent to the bin and grasp is to open.

Step 3 – Separate the dust container

To remove dirt and debris, you need to separate the dust cup from the device.

Step 4 – Remove the pre-motor filter

Some shark duo clean vacuum cleaner comes with a pre-motor filter. You may need to clean up the filter from getting clogged up. So, look for instructions on how to remove the filter and the procedure of cleaning.

Step 5 – Remove the dust and debris from the canister

To remove the dust and debris, you need to pull out the bin from the device. Press the button near the bin, then use the handle to pull out the bin from the device. Then, release the debris in the trash.

You can use clean water to remove all sorts of debris from the canister and filtration system. Rinse in thorough water to clean it properly.

Step 6 – Dry out and reposition the dust container

After you are done cleaning, you need to make sure the cup is completely dry. Then, you need to reposition the part in the device carefully. Finally, check if the device is properly set in place and working well.

Tips for Cleaning Different Models of Shark Vacuum Cleaners

different models of vacuum cleaner

Since there is a wide diversity in shark vacuum cleaners, you may need to pay attention to what you use and how you clean the parts of the device.

Here I would like to share a few tips varying the diverse features of shark duo clean vacuum cleaners.

Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner

The navigator vacuum cleaner also comes with a similar mechanism of opening the dust cup. So, follow the instructions that come with the device to open the cup and clean the debris.

You may find the release button and rotate the can to remove it from the device. Then, follow the steps back to reposition the parts in the device.

Shark Rechargeable Sweeper

Be careful when you clean the parts of a rechargeable shark dual clean vacuum.

Before you clean the parts like the rotating brush, dust cup, filter, and so on, remember the position of each part in the device.

Because you need to put them back after completing the cleaning job.

Shark Cordless Vacuum

For shark duo clean cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s important to remove the battery before beginning the cleaning job. Then, follow the instruction to remove the dust cup.

Before you put it back inside the device, make sure the part is completely dry. If you reposition the cup when it’s wet, it may affect the device’s working mechanism.

HEPA Shark Filters

There is a wide diversity in shark duo clean filters. You may find pre-filter, HEPA filter, and many more.

HEPA is one of the most popular filters that exist in the best shark vacuum cleaners.

As usual, remove the dust cup, filters, and other parts to clean. However, for the HEPA filter, I recommend not using any cleaner.

Rather clean the filter with fresh water, squeeze off the excess water and set it to dry.

Make sure the filter is completely dry before you put it back in the device. Remember, it takes hours to dry out the filter than the cup and other parts.

Learn More about Vacuum Cleaner

Now you know the detailed process to empty a shark vacuum. We hope you already have the latest one or you have just bought a new one. 

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Final Thought

I have tried to explain how to clean shark vacuum filter in the simplest language possible, addressing all the details.

I hope it was a useful piece of article enlightening you to protect your valuable shark vacuum cleaner for long time use.

You may find the most desirable vacuum cleaner going through the shark duo clean reviews. But, if you don’t maintain the cleaning process regularly, it can end up being a useless device.

Hence, follow the steps to clean the device and let it last long.

Let me know your experience cleaning the shark vacuum cleaner.

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