How to Install Farmhouse Sink – Step by Step Instruction

Not being able to install your favorite farmhouse sink properly can be the worst nightmare.

Unlike the traditional countertop sink, the farmhouse kitchen sink is installed into the opening or specially created a gap in the countertop.

Thus, the farmhouse sink installation process needs care and expertise compared to the regular kitchen sink installation system.

The reason I am telling you this is, farmhouse sinks are quite expensive, and often the users purchase such an exclusive sink is to elevate the interior appearance.

After investing such a good amount of money on the farmhouse sink, it’s not acceptable at all to make even a slight mistake while sinking installation.

Henceforth, the good news is, here I am, ready to tell you the process of farmhouse kitchen sink installation in the simpler ways possible. So, let’s learn the farmhouse sink installation instructions step by step!


How to Install Farmhouse Sink?

farmhouse sink installation instructions

Whenever you feel like purchasing an apron front sink, farmhouse kitchen sinks, stainless steel farmhouse sink, or any of the sinks from the farmhouse range, this installation instruction will always help you ensure proper and error-free installation.

Tools and Materials you will need

  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Measurement tape
  • Framing Square
  • Wood Braces
  • Level
  • Jigsaw
  • Drilling machine
  • Supporting Frames
  • Safety Glasses
  • Silicone Sealant

Step 1 – Get prepared with the right measurement

farmhouse kitchen sink installation

Before you begin the installation process, get all prepared with the measurements. First of all, you need to measure the height of the sink, including the top, which will be set on the countertop, and the bottom of the sink sides, which will base on the support system.

Then, transfer this measurement and mark with the pencil on the interior cabinet where the sink will be installed. Draw a level line on the countertop and supporting base.

Step 2 – Preparing the cabinet

farmhouse kitchen sink installation

Custom create the cabinet – Usually, the cabinet needs to be customized in order to install the farmhouse sink. Here, it would be better if you consult with an expert cabinet maker.

While you are preparing the cabinet with professional help, make sure the clearing space is prepared as well, where you will install supplying channel, drainage system, and garbage disposal beneath the sink.

Create and install the supporting frame – Next, you need to create and build a supporting frame using wood braces on four sides of the cabinet.

The purpose of using the frame is to support the sinking weight. To install the frame, you can use construction adhesive and drill screws with a clamp to ensure a strong support system.

Make sure the sink is parallel in line and leveled adequately with the cabinet top.

Step 3 – Preparing the countertop

farmhouse kitchen sink installation

There is a wide diversity in farmhouse sink size. To install the sink properly in alignment, you have already measured the sink.

Now, to place it on the countertop, you need to take some preparation. The sink is supposed to install at the center, so you mark out the center where the sink will be placed.

To do that, mark the center using the measuring tape, pencil, and ruler. Mark the area which needs to be cut out.

Please add ⅛” while marking the cutout space. This will help you to position the sink right above the cut edge.

Here you also need to remember to keep space for disposal clearance and installing the farmhouse kitchen faucet and backsplashes.

Finally, when you are confident with the measurement, cut the marked space accordingly and carefully use a jigsaw.

Step 4 – Install the farmhouse sink

It’s time to install the sink finally!

Test the sink position – As you are ready with the cabinet and countertop, test the sink if it fits properly with the opening. Don’t forget to check if the supporting frame can take the weight of the sink strongly.

Also, carefully check the sink is parallel leveled side to side and front to back. Make sure the sink is properly-staying level with the countertop and cabinet.

Set the sink on the countertop – Now, set the sink properly and perfectly in place and make sure it is leveled. If there is any gap, you can use the silicone sealant.

Then, hold the sink strongly to stay secured in place. When it’s settled well, it’s time to position the countertop on the sink.

For bringing the installation to perfection, remove the excess sealant wherever you see it.

Leave sink and sealant for curing – After the sink is installed, leave it for one day to completely dry.

Once the top installation is done, it’s time to set the drainage system, faucet, and other attachments. Here, follow the installation instructions and test after completion.

Step 5 – Configure the base cabinet

As the sealant completely dried and cured and other attachments related to the sink are also installed, it’s time to reconfigure the base cabinet.

You can use the leftover wood to install on the top of the cabinet if needed.

The purpose of installing the frame is to cover up the base cabinet to make it look complete. The frame will also help you to install the cabinet doors.

Step 6 – Add trim board around the sink

The newly installed sink needs to look seamless with the countertop. To do that, you need to measure each side and cut the trim board accordingly. Once they are cut in the proper size, attach them with adhesives.

Step 7 – Cut and install Cabinet Doors

Once the farmhouse sink is installed, you may need to customize the cabinet door.

Now, measure the opening of the cabinet to identify how much you need to cut down. Carefully check the cabinet bottom is properly lined up with the other doors.

Use a table saw to cut the door according to the measurement precisely. Once the door is ready, use glue to join the door frame and let them dry and cure. Now, install the door pull and hinges on the cabinet.

Enjoy the final look of your kitchen after the complete installation process!!

Tip to Correctly Install a Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink can be installed in different ways, such as under-mount, flush-mount, and built-up installation style.

Out of these three forms, I recommend choosing the under-mount sink installation process for farmhouse sinks.

Whenever you install farmhouse sinks, remember to keep adequate space for the sink faucet and backsplash mechanism.

Know More about Farmhouse Sinks

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Final Thought

Here is the detailed answer to your question about how to install a farmhouse sink. I tried to keep the language simple and easy to understand and follow the process easily.

If you have any questions, you can let me know. I will try to answer you immediately.

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